Our Standards

Not all custom home builders are the same. With different standards from builder to builder, which one should you choose? At Precision Custom Home Builders, we have a set of high building standards you can trust and the experience to back it up.

Our goal is to build the best custom home around so you can continue to enjoy your home year after year, while avoiding some of the most common problems that can begin a few years after construction. For each home we design and build, we have a set of recommended construction standards that ensure your house is built with longevity and quality in mind, so that you can have peace of mind!

With more than 30 recommendations for a better build, here are some examples of why we build a better home!

1. All subfloors are and nailed, glued, and screwed
After a few years of being lived in, it’s common for floors to start having the occasional squeak when stepped on. This can be caused by movement of the subfloor. But when we construct a home, we go the extra mile by nailing, gluing, and screwing down all subfloors to reduce squeaking!

2. 6-inch seamless gutters
Gutters are another problem area for all homes. The typical gutter is 5 inches wide, but they often overflow in Georgia rains, so we recommend a 6-inch seamless gutter instead, to help control rainwater.

3. 2×6-inch exterior walls
For exterior walls, we prefer to go with 2×6-inches, which allows for 50 percent more insulation in exterior walls! More insulation means better temperature regulation, more efficient use of your HVAC system, and lower energy costs. The benefits add up!

4. 5/8-inch roof decking
With so much experience building custom homes, we’ve come to learn how different materials and designs fare over time. One thing we’ve noticed is that the standard 7/16-inch oriented strand board (OSB) sags over time. So, we recommend using 5/8-inch roof decking instead for a more robust home!

5. Stone on concrete porch slabs
Poured concrete front porch slabs are common, but we want your custom home to be even better! Concrete front porch floors just don’t look good, so we recommend adding stone on concrete porch slabs to give it a more finished, solid, and comfortable feel.