Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is a good time to do routine maintenance on your new custom home to keep it looking great and make sure it stays in good condition for years to come!

When the leaves finish falling, and the grass slows or stops growing, it’s time to take care of yearly Fall maintenance around the house, both inside and out. Here are some of the items we suggest for a Fall maintenance checklist to make sure you’re ready for winter!

  1. Clean leaves and debris out of the gutter so it can drain properly
  2. Check that your furnace is working correctly and is ready for the winter
  3. Be sure to change your air filter as directed
  4. Inspect your roof for any storm damage from the last year’s storms
  5. Prune plants to keep your yard looking clean and nice until Spring
  6. Make sure your chimney is clear of any blockage and inspect the damper
  7. Put away hoses that aren’t in use over Fall and Winter
  8. Prepare to drain spigots/sprinklers if temperatures drop below freezing
  9. Make sure your dryer vents are clear and clean if needed
  10. Store any outdoor furniture that might be impacted by the weather
  11. Reverse ceiling fans clockwise
  12. Clean Spring and Summer lawn equipment and tools and store
  13. Rake leaves from the yard and blow off hard surfaces
  14. Make sure you’re prepared in case of winter storms
  15. Do a deep clean on kitchen appliances

Depending on your home and preferences, there may be additional items you wish to add to your personal maintenance list. Whatever maintenance you plan to do this Fall, we hope you have a wonderful Fall and continue to enjoy your custom home for decades to come!