10 Favorite Fall Activities

Whether it’s a cold night in, sitting by the fire, or a colorful fall hike in the scenic North Georgia mountains, here are 10 of our favorite Fall activities to make the most of this beautiful season.

Hot Chocolate on the Porch

What could be better than a warm drink on a cool day? Enjoy a hot chocolate and soak in the beautiful colors and mild temperatures of Fall from the comfort of your own deck or porch in your new custom home!

Apple Picking

A favorite activity for families, why not head to one of Georgia’s many pick-your-own apple orchards and bring home a bag of delicious locally grown fruit! Perfect for eating whole or making pies, you can’t go wrong with this Fall activity.

Bonfire with Friends or Family

Stay at home and still enjoy the great outdoors with a bonfire in your own backyard. Whether you make smores with the family, or just enjoy the stars with your spouse, a bonfire can make for a great evening in the cool Autumn nights to come!

Cool Hike in North Georgia

With so many beautiful trails and waterfalls to see in North Georgia, it’s the perfect temperature for a hike – not too hot and not too cold!

See the Fall Colors at Scenic Overlooks

Speaking of the beauty of nature, scenic overlooks in Georgia’s mountains are one of the best places to view all of the leaves change colors. Be sure to check when fall leaf colors peak in your area, then head to a popular overlook and enjoy the view!

DIY Fall Crafts

Have kids or enjoy crafting yourself? Fall crafts can be a fun activity on a cold day! Whether you’re cutting construction paper to make a string of colorful Fall leaves, or decorating your door with a homemade fall wreath, a DIY craft project can make for the perfect day in.

Plant a Fall Garden

Sad to see your Summer vegetable garden go with the cooler weather? Why not try planting fall vegetables like kale and lettuce, which thrive in the cool weather? Or consider adding some color to seasonal planters in your yard with fall flowers!

Campout on the Weekend

Looking for a fun and inexpensive option to get away for the weekend? Mild fall temperatures offer an excellent opportunity for a weekend campout! Enjoy a fire, cooking under the stars, and comfortable nights!

Try a New Pie Recipe

What says Fall better than homemade pie? It’s the perfect time to experiment with new recipes! And if you bake too much pie for your own family, you can bring joy to friends and family by sharing your homemade treats!

Read a Good Book by the Fire

And finally, if you prefer a relaxing night in, it’s the perfect time to light a fire in your fireplace and curl up with a warm blanket and a good book. Whatever you choose to do this season, we hope you have a wonderful Fall!