What We Offer

How do we stack up next to other custom home builders? From design and house plans, to experience and expectations, here’s why you should choose Precision Custom Home Builders for your new home project.

At Precision Custom Home Builders, we go above and beyond what’s expected of most home builders, because we expect the best from ourselves. We offer services and experience that others don’t, and we make sure you get the best home possible.

When you’re building a new home, part of the benefit and thrill is being able to make your own decisions about design. But, most other home builders don’t offer in-house design and require you to get your plans from a website, designer, or architect. Because premade plans, or plans designed by someone who hasn’t seen the land, often have to be changed to fit the site, you may end up with changes or additional costs. At Precision Custom Home Builders, we not only build your new home, but we can design your house to fit perfectly on the site it’s meant for. This means a more perfect fit, a more unique home, and the peace of mind that you won’t have to change your plan or price because of a design hiccup.

Another problem many builders run into is having too basic of plans.Their house plans are too simple and don’t have the detail needed for good communication with the customer and sub-contractors. Without the proper information, this leaves room for surprises and miscommunications. At Precision Custom Home Builders, we design our house plans exactly how we build. Our plans go through more than 200 internal checks to verify we have all information needed for construction, and our subcontractors. We know the exact detail needed for everything, because we’ve done it over and over and have it down to a science. 

When you choose a builder, it’s easy to find someone with some experience, but many builders or contractors are in the business of building spec homes, remodeling, commercial work, or doing small jobs… not building custom homes from foundation to shingles. But Precision Custom Home Builders specifically focuses on custom builds. We are only in the business of building custom homes, nothing else. With more than 100 custom home builds, you can feel good knowing you chose the right builders!

Not only can you feel great having chosen Precision Custom Home Builders, you will also know what to expect from us! We will go over what to expect in building a new custom home with us, so you know what’s coming every step of the way. We’re here for you, and our goal is simple: build you the best custom home possible!