Summer Family Staycation Ideas

Stuck at home for the summer? Make it a staycation to remember creative activities for the family! Here are some ideas to get your staycation started!

1. Set up an obstacle course and games for the Summer Home Olympics!

Have some hula hoops, rope, 2×4 wood planks, trees, flags, or pretty much anything lying around? Create an obstacle course and let your kids compete for the ultimate title of Summer Home Olympics champion! The winner could get to pick the evening’s movie, or get a special prize like candy. You can have an obstacle course, games like darts or a ring toss, and much more! This is a great chance for you to get creative and have fun setting up this special day (or week!) for your kids and family!


2. Make a short movie or music video with your kids

Want to do something extra creative with your kids that they can send their friends and you can post on social media to show the family? Why not film a special video or movie, maybe even a music video of their favorite summer song? It’ll be a day filled with fun and silliness, and the final product will be something you can all look back on and enjoy for years!


3. Have a campout inside, or in the backyard!

Pull out the sleeping bags and tent, set up a fake fire with a flashlight and some sticks, and start the fun inside! No bugs, no rain, and a great time with the kids! Or for a bit more adventure, take the fun outside and have a real backyard campout with silver turtles, smores, and sleeping under the stars!


4. Do an old-school board game night with whatever you have in the games closet

Candyland, twister, dominoes, you name it! Most people have a closet or cabinet filled with old board games, and a summer staycation is the perfect opportunity to pull them out and enjoy some board game nostalgia and fun with the family!


5. Have your kids make their own book!

Grab some computer paper (or lined paper works if that’s all you have), fold it in half hamburger-style to make a book shape, then use a stapler to hold together the spine, and there you have it, a blank book ready for your kids to create! This is a great way to use their imagination and make something they can feel proud of! The sky is the limit! If they love this project, why not make a sequel to the first book?