Local Spotlight Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground

Located in Ball Ground, GA, Gibbs Gardens is a hidden gem in North Georgia! The more than 300-acre garden is filled with old trees, fern-banked water features, seasonal daffodil fields, a Japanese-style garden, and much more.

Designed by an Expert

Jim Gibbs is the retired president and founder of Gibbs Landscape Company, one of Atlanta’s best landscaping companies for more than four decades. Gardening runs in his family, and he once said “Passing down seeds and plants from generation to generation provides a kind of love that only a gardener understands.”

The Gardens

Inspired by 15 years of national and worldwide travel, Jim Gibbs dreamed of creating a picturesque, world class garden. With 16 distinct gardens, 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, and 19 waterfalls, it’s safe to say his dream came true! The gardens stretch over 300 acres with beautiful winding paths through feature gardens like the Japanese and waterlily gardens. Take in the serene sounds of the natural stream, lined with lush ferns, or stroll through the daffodil fields in spring!

Seasonal Beauty

As a master gardener, Jim Gibbs knew a thing or two (or three!) about designing gardens that would create beauty and wonder throughout the year. In spring, the world’s largest display of daffodils comes alive, painting the garden’s 50 acres of fields in yellow and white flowers. There are more than 20 million daffodils, representing more than 200 varieties of the flower! In summer, the lush gardens offer shade and beauty. And in fall, everywhere you look are bright fiery reds, oranges, and yellows.

Learn more

For updates, current hours, and special events, you can learn more on the Gibbs Gardens website here.