Commuting from North Georgia to Atlanta

North Georgia offers tons of spectacular places to build a custom home, but what about those who have to commute to work in and around Atlanta? Luckily, these north Georgia communities allow you to live where you want, and still commute to the city in a short amount of time.

Cherokee County

With access to Atlanta via major thoroughfares like Interstate-575 and Highway 20, Cherokee County is just a short drive from the big city. Most areas in Cherokee have about a 35-55 minute drive to the heart of downtown Atlanta, but you can reach the perimeter in as little as 20 minutes, making this north metro community a great choice for those who will be commuting to Atlanta for work.

Pickens County

Another great choice for daily commuters is Pickens County. Located just north of Cherokee, this county is located just under an hour from the city. For those who don’t mind a bit longer drive to work, Pickens offers a more secluded natural landscape, while still being within commuting distance from downtown I-575 and Highway 20.

Bartow County

Situated slightly more west of Atlanta are cities like Cartwerville and Emerson, which can have as little as a 35-minute drive to the city. A short commute on I-75 or Highway 20 can get you directly to the heart of Atlanta, making Bartow another great choice for those who want to live in north Georgia and have a shorter commute.

Gilmer County

Depending on how far you’re comfortable commuting to and from work, Gilmer County might be another option for those who want to live in the mountains but be close enough to still drive into the city. With a trip of a little over an hour from Ellijay to the perimeter, Gilmer County may be a good choice for those who only have to go into the city a few times a week.

Gordon County

Another option that’s about an hour drive from the I-285 perimeter is Gordon County. With plenty of natural peace and solitude, those who don’t mind a bit longer commute may choose this county. It’s also a great place for people who only occasionally have to make their way into Atlanta.

Dawson County

Finally, Dawson County offers a third option for living in northwest Georgia, while still being only a little over an hour away from Atlanta. If this sounds like the right distance for you, Dawson also offers a wonderful place to live without being too far from the city.