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We’ll help you design your one-of-a-kind home and then build it for you.

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Interested in building, but don’t know where to start?

We offer three free services to help get you started

  • We can meet with you at your land, lot, or at a piece of property you are interested in purchasing and give you our evaluation of how buildable it is . We will talk about factors such as driveway location, foundation types (slab, crawlspace or basement), erosion control, water drainage, building setbacks, utilities needed, clearing and more.

  • Send us a plan that you are interested in or simply sketch something up and we can ballpark it for you. You will receive an estimate that is usually within ±5% depending on the amount of detail we receive from you. If the estimate is close to your budget then we should meet to go over the specifications that are included in the estimate.

  • We will meet with you to go over everything involved with building a custom home and what to expect. We are here to answer all of your questions or concerns that you may have. After this meeting, should have the information you need to select a great builder.


Custom Homes Built Since 2003

Right-Sized Organization

We are not a small “pickup truck” builder that builds a couple of houses per year, nor are we a large company building hundreds of homes. We construct around a dozen custom homes each year which gives us many advantages over the other size builders. Our team of 5 work together efficiently to deliver high quality custom homes.


Your call will always get answered! Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We know that it is important to always be able to get in touch with your builder when you need to. Our internal company communication is first-rate! We use mobile apps, the cloud, and a private website to ensure that our team and subcontractors always have the info they need. One of our team members is dedicated to answering your calls, questions, and concerns etc.


We have a team member dedicated to checking the quality of each home. It is basically our quality assurance program developed over 15 years. This continual improvement program helps us to get better each house we build. We have divided our building process into 55 individual tasks. At each of these stages we perform a number of quality checks that are documented and signed by our quality team member. We currently have over 3,000 total quality checks that are performed on each home during construction.


Three of our team members are custom home builders and together we have over 60 years of combined engineering, construction, and quality assurance experience. With that amount of experience, it is rare that we come across a problem that we haven’t seen before. We do not profess to be perfect but you can be confident in our ability to build your custom home. Also, since we do not build in other specialty construction areas such as commercial, remodeling, spec homes additions etc, we are able to concentrate all of our time and effort to improving the custom home building process.


Dan is a 2nd generation custom home builder with an Engineering Degree from Brigham Young University. He has utilized his engineering education along with his experience working as a manufacturing engineer for 10 years to bring project management skills, scheduling tools, estimating software, design skills, and quality assurance skills into the custom home building process.

Design & Build

When building a custom home there are advantages to having a Design – Build team like Precision Homes. We ensure that the design not only gives you the features and layout that you want in your new custom home but that it is designed consistent with our building standards as well as the local and state codes.

Meet Your Custom Home Builders

Get to know the players on our team. Each one of us is here to help make the process of designing and building your custom home an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family!

Dan Ellsworth

Dan Ellsworth

Builder, Owner, Operations & Quality

A second-generation builder with an Engineering degree from Brigham Young University, he has been involved in building custom homes since 1983.

Welcome to Precision Custom Home Builders

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business! We believe in informing you as much as possible about the building process and in helping you get started. We have put some basic information together to inform you of some of the things that need to be completed before we can break ground!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have built homes in the past in the $100/sf foot range but there are many factors that determine whether you can get down that low, the geometry of the home, whether it is on a slab foundation or a basement, if it is on a basement much of the basement finished, the specifications of the house, the amount of allowances allocated, the location of the build and the cost of clearing and utilities etc.

  • In the North Georgia area we are fairly hilly and most lots have some slope. In some cases the slope is more extreme requiring more complex foundations in order to support the home. We can help you evaluate a piece of property that you may be considering. There are also factors such as soil composition, whether there are streams or creeks on the property, building setbacks, easements on the property, access to utilities etc. If you would like us to evaluate your property just give us a call.

About Precision Custom Home Builders

Precision Custom Home Builders specialize in designing and building custom homes for clients who own vacant lots or land. We have a team of five who work together to help bring each custom home through design to final completion and warranty. We have been building homes in North Georgia for over 15 years and take pride in each home and give each home the attention it deserves.
We are currently building several custom homes throughout the North Georgia area particularly in Cherokee, Bartow, Pickens and surrounding counties and we would love the opportunity to work with you to help make your dream home become a reality.

Getting Started

  • Will you be financing your new home with through bank? If so, you need to meet with the financing source to find out how much you are qualified to borrow. You do not want to waste your time looking for a plot of land or a house that is outside your budget. If you are financing the project without a bank, you probably already have a budget in mind. Here are a couple of banks that have approved us as builders and that offer great construction loans:

    You will obviously need a lot or piece of land before we can build. Some considerations when looking for a lot or land:

    1) Is there a nice location to build a house?

    2) Is there a reasonable entrance area?

    3) Do you like the surrounding properties?

    4) Do you know if there are covenants or restrictions?

    5) Are there utilities near the property?

    6) Has the property been surveyed? Can you get a copy of said survey?

    7) Is the lot on a sewer system or will it have a septic system?

    8) If it will be using a septic system has a soil test been performed?

    Let us know if you would like us to look at the lot once you have found one. If you need help finding a lot here is the realtor that we recommend:

  • Once you have purchased property to build on you will need a survey and it will need to be recorded. You should be able to identify who created the original survey by looking in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the survey. It should look something like this:

    If you live in or around Cherokee County, GA and do not have a survey, the surveyor above is our recommendation.

    If it has been recorded it should have information like this in the upper left corner. If it has not been recorded, then you will need to contact your surveying company and have them submit it electronically to the county for recording.

  • How is the soil on the property? If your land requires a septic system, then you will eventually need a soil test. It is highly recommended that you get a soil test done before you close on your property to ensure that it will accommodate a conventional septic system. Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Do you have electricity at the property? You will need to find out which electric company services your property, which can sometimes take a few phone calls. If you don’t have or don’t know if you have electricity at the property, you may need to call to verify. In some cases, you will need to schedule an appointment with the engineer from the electric company to meet you at the property to see what your options are and what it will cost to bring electricity to the property. If there is electricity at the property location, you should call and get an account set up for that property address.

  • You will of course need house plans if you are going to build. Here are your options:

    If you design and build with us, we can design a custom home exactly how you want in around 4-6 weeks. You will meet with Dan at the office and discuss what your budget is and what specifics you would like to include in the home. Dan will prepare a sketch and layout that will meet your budget like this:

    Our custom home designs include elevations, floor plans, roof plans, and electrical plans. Once this preliminary work is completed, Precision Homes will take care of the rest! We look forward to working with you!

    Dan & Katy

Design Summary

  • Our design process begins with meeting you and learning your interests and desires in a new home. Since we are a Design – Build company we help you through this process and make sure that the design gives both the customer and the builder the information needed. This is also an ideal time to show any sketches or photos you may have. The final design of the house should capture everything you want in your new home so communication is of the utmost importance.

  • The site visit helps us to further understand your needs and desires in your home. It also helps the builder understand what adjustments may need to be made in the design or construction of the home. This is a time where we discuss important details such as drainage, orientation, utility sources, driveway and garage locations, site boundaries etc. The final site location on your lot will need to be determined before final designs are complete.

  • We can use something as simple as a sketch of a home plan to begin our design process. We will assist you in the design phase in order to capture your ideas and ensure that your home meets state and local codes. We use our designer to prepare a set of professional working drawings which will include:


    -Foundation Plan

    -Floor Plans

    -Electrical Plans

    As we design your home, we will update you with drawing revisions for your approval. These revisions can be picked up or emailed to you.

  • Precision Custom Home Builders is a custom home building company with a process developed upon the following objectives:

    1) To make the home building process a positive experience for every customer.
    2) To continually improve the design and materials we use in our custom homes.
    3) To adhere to strict quality standards that each subcontractor must conform to.
    4) To keep our customers up to date and informed on the progress of their home.
    5) To provide a new custom home that meets our customers expectations.

    Many home builders do not take the time nor do they understand how to develop a process which will achieve the objectives listed above. Our process was developed using principles and standards developed by successful home building companies that understand the importance of customer satisfaction, quality assurance and process improvement. By striving to continually improve the building process, the building quality, and the customer experience, Precision Custom Home Builders have created and maintained its reputation as an excellent custom home building company.

Industry Associations

We actively participates in local and professional organizations through our membership in the following:

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