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Pre-Construction Process

What needs to be completed before we can build.

Pre-Construction Contract

This is what gets the whole construction process started. Once the Pre-construction contract is signed and we receive the initial $1,00 deposit we will begin the pre-construction process. There is a lot of information that we will need to gather from you, including information related to your building location, utilities, survey documents, soil tests, etc. We will provide you with a check sheet that will help you keep track of all the information that will be needed in order to pull a building permit.

Kickoff Meeting

This meeting will be scheduled to go over the Pre-Construction process and to answer any questions you may have. We will discuss the design process, specifications, selections, and allowances.

Custom Home Specifications

You will receive our specifications document by email early in the process to gather more information needed from you for your custom home. The specification sheets have already been filled out with many assumptions, so you will need to make all of the necessary changes to each area so the designer knows more about what utilities, materials, and upgrades you want in your home.

Design Meeting

Once we receive your marked-up specification sheets we will schedule a design meeting and get started on the design of the house. This process can take several weeks or even months, depending on how responsive you are with questions and revisions. Our designs include all the drawings needed to build a custom home, as well as advanced 3D models that you can interact with and even walk through before you build. We also offer 3D renderings of your house before it is build so you can see how your selections of materials and paint colors could actually look.

Selection Meeting

Once the main floor of your house plan has been completed, we will schedule a selection meeting at the showroom with Brittany to help guide you through the selection process. She will review our allowance and selection sheets with you and help answer any questions you have. If you are interested in using our interior designer Peggy to help you, please let Brittany know and she will invite her to the selection meeting.

Signed Contract Documents

Once the house plans, specifications, and estimate for your home have been finalized, you will get our building contract to review. Along with signing these documents, you will also sign our expectation pages, warranty, and change order documents.


If you will be using a bank to finance the construction of the home, they will typically need the signed building contract, the signed house plans, and the signed specifications before they can begin.

Building Permit

Once you close on your loan, we receive the first deposit, and you have completed the selection process, we will apply for the building permit. We look forward to working with you!