Reasons to Build a New Home

With so many families renting or buying older homes, here are some important factors to consider when deciding if building a new custom home is right for you.

Less Maintenance

Renting can be a good option, especially in the short term, but it can be frustrating when a pipe breaks or the AC stops working, and you have to rely on the landlord or rental company to call maintenance crews to come out. Similarly, you may pay less upfront for a used home, but often the cost of maintenance can outweigh the benefits of those savings. AC and heater units, appliances, roof shingles, rusty pipes, and DIY upgrades, can all cause expensive surprises. With a new home, you can rest easy, knowing that you will have little maintenance to worry about for years to come.

Better Materials

Another thing that can contribute to lower maintenance costs, and lower bills as well, are more modern building materials. Energy efficiency has improved dramatically from decade to decade, and buying a new home or building a custom home to your specifications, means you can choose the best windows, doors, appliances, and building materials, to save you money on bills and maintenance down the road.

Move-in Ready

If you’ve bought an older home, you may be familiar with having to renovate or repair a house before you can move in. For some people, that can be a fun project, but for many, it’s a headache better to be avoided. With a new custom home, you can choose exactly what you want, and know that your home will be move-in ready as soon as it’s complete!

Safer Building Codes

While older houses aren’t necessarily unsafe, there have been improvements to building code over the years that make new homes safer than ever. Knowing you won’t have to worry about old asbestos insulation, lead in outdated paint, or dangerous single-pane annealed glass windows, can offer a great relief, especially to families who want to make sure their home is as safe as possible!